(We’re Not So) Clueless!

The Clueless Three

Lauren: i totally still have this soundtrack somewhere.
1995 represent
Becky: Who didn’t want her life?
Lauren: seriously!
Becky: We’re the kids in America!
Lauren: loved her closet program. i wish that actually existed
Becky: She had a touch screen before Apple made it popular and user-friendly!
Lauren: right?! ahead of it’s time.
Becky: That car is almost 20 years old. Feeling old yet?

Lauren: SO OLD. di’s wearing a lampshade.

Dr. Seuss

Becky: I am thankful that boys are cleaner and dressier than they used to be. I thank Matt Smith for that one. Bow ties are cool!

Boys…Go fig.

Lauren: YES.

We miss you, Matt Smith!

Becky: Hatians…LOL


Lauren: alicia silverstone actually didn’t know how to pronounce that, but amy heckerling thought it was so funny that she left it in.
Becky: How long has class been in session, and Mr. Hall’s asking about Christian? Seriously?
Lauren: haha! right? hot young paul rudd alert, this movie was when my long love of him started.
he’s such a baldwin…

Cuter than a Monkey with a Puppy

Becky: Does anyone know what Contempo Casual IS anymore?
Lauren: haha i do, but that’s because we grew up in the 90’s
Becky: Oh, Blossom hats…
411 on Mr. Hall…Sad, sad man.
Lauren: ooh snickers.
Becky: Cher is pretty self-involved if she thinks SHE’S the only one who can help Miss Geist.

The truth hurts Cher…

Lauren: yeah. that’s pretty much the point. josh helps her get better though
Becky: That’s what we call character growth!
Lauren: i remember not liking the character of emma when i first read that book or watched the movie.
Becky: That was the point. Jane Austen didn’t want to write a “Likeable” heroine. I wrote a college paper on it when I got to read Emma for class. Five years at a Women’s College, and I only got to study Jane Austen once!
Lauren: see that’s crazy to me. hey james bond, in america we drive on the right side of the road
Becky: You try driving in platforms! Break for those animals, Cher!

That’d be reason enough for me…

Lauren: i wonder if marky mark could get the funky bunch to help with that tree planting.
Becky: It’d be too much of a party for a baby tree…
Lauren: it’s sad that i haven’t seen this movie in ages and i can still quote it almost word for word
Becky: There are so many nose jobs in this movie.
Lauren: my plastic surgeon doesn’t want me involved in any activities where balls fly at my nose.
Becky: There goes your social life…
Lauren: haha! great comeback

Tennis Practice

Becky: Elton is a creeper. All over her throughout this movie.
Lauren: seriously! i don’t know how she didn’t figure that out sooner.
Becky: She’s a dummy? She even says so almost all the way to the end.
Lauren: she’s smart in some ways, but totally dumb in others.
Becky: So cute that Di thinks she’s talking about TEA when Tai mentions “Herbal Refreshment.”
Lauren: haha right? not exactly the herbal refreshment tai had in mind.
Becky: Project!
Lauren: marvin the martian. they really are adorable together

Becky: They are. And they’re holding up the lunch line.
Lauren: they totally are! people are like: go talk somewhere else, i want my rubber hot dogs and congealed mac and cheese

Match made in Malibu

Becky: Cher acts so hoity toity when talking about drugs. She’s a WHOLE MONTH older than Tai. lol
Lauren: GOD he’s so dreamy
Becky: Are we going to dedicate an entire month to Paul Rudd?
Lauren: oh my gosh we totally should
Becky: When’s his birthday? LOL
Lauren: hold up, imdbing that shit.
*Editor’s Note: His birthday was in Early April. Maybe next year!

Really? REALLY?!

Becky: I love how he doesn’t clean up his snack. So rude. Lucy probably would spit in his dinner if she wasn’t so scared of Cher’s dad.
Lauren: yeah this is true
Beck: really love how close this actually is to Emma.
Lauren: it’s just such a great movie
Becky: I love that red dress.
Lauren: i love cher’s dress.
Editor’s Note: We LITERALLY sent these at the same time!
Becky: Fashionable even today.
Lauren: YES. do you prefer fashion victim or ensemblely challenged?
Becky: Elton is such a lame dancer. You KNOW he invented the “Shopping Cart.”
Lauren: he totally did. i’m calling your mother!

Becky: That’s too much drama for me. Save the drama for your llama.
Lauren: i love the people dancing with the snowmen in the background
Becky: I never went to a party like that. The closest thing was that Black and White party in college, and you KNOW how much fun we had once we left that one!
Lauren: haha…let’s go to gumby’s. this beer pong is not fun!
Becky: Basically. Beer Pong is fleeting, but Gumby’s Pizza is Forever.

Clay Fusions were amazing!

Best place for Pizza Cravings.

Lauren: YES.
Becky: Hate playing this card, but Cher was TOTALLY leading Elton on.
Lauren: yeah i can see that
Becky: Like Emma did to Mr. Elton.
Lauren: i think the problem was is that she was  one of those girls that is naturally flirty with her guy friends. i can see where she led him on, but i don’t think that she meant to, she just didn’t know fully what she was doing. *cringes* oh man.
Becky: Bad singer!

Lauren: he suddenly became an octopus! sprouted about six more arms! oh old fashioned cell phones. i remember those actually lol and when beepers were the big thing. NOW i feel old.
oh man. the hamlet comment is coming up. so excited!
Becky: I miss having smarty-pants conversations about shakespeare.
Lauren: haha! she totally schooled that girl! i think he liked her before that honestly


Becky: I wonder if Josh was starting to realize with that Mel Gibson comment that Cher could really be someone he could love. lol
Lauren: that’s why he kept coming to town…
Becky: I wonder if he liked her, but didn’t realize it until Christian came to town. Until then, he knew Cher didn’t date high school boys, so no competition.
Lauren: hmmm good point.
Becky: Smarty pants conversations about sassy teen movies.
Lauren: oh christian. boy knows how to dress.
Becky: There’s a reason for that.
Lauren: i know. and that’s why i feel like cher maybe should’ve had suspicions before that.
Becky: Apparently not as worldly as she thinks she is.
Lauren: yeah…i love that car. do you like billie holiday? i love him.

Becky: Even Papa Horowitz can see Josh loves Cher. That’s just cute. Don’t you just miss Ska? LOL
Lauren: i did an entire presentation on ska in high school . complete with ska mix…
Becky: NIce
Lauren: mighty mighty bostones were totally on there. as was most of the 10 Things I Hate about You soundtrack
Lauren: dance break!
Becky: Even JOSH can see that Christian is gay!
Lauren: Everyone sees it except for Cher. She’s got her crush goggles on.

Date Night!

Becky: She didn’t turn off the oven when her cookie dough burned!
Lauren: oh no! i didn’t notice that! christian had a thing for tony curtis lol
Becky: Some like it Hot and “Sparaticus.”
Lauren: haha! question do you think that josh had a legitimate crush on tai or that he was just flirting to make cher jealous or because he didn’t think he had a chance with cher?
Becky: I think he was just being nice, honestly.I think Tai thinking that he’s touching and tickling her didn’t happen as much as she thought.
Lauren: yeah i totally see that.
yeah. girls tend to over analyze stuff like that.
Becky: As you can tell from the stuff she wanted to burn, she tends to hang onto things, and make them bigger than they are.
Lauren: good point. and the fact that she’s bringing up josh stuff when cher’s obviously upset…
Becky: Yep.
Lauren: i love the homage to gigi when the fountain goes off

Becky: The Gigi moment. Adorbs.
Lauren: good gracious josh is adorable.
Becky: Travis could make a bong out of anything.
Lauren: awww josh.

Becky: It’s no “I rode through the rain…” speech, but what is?

You’re beautiful!

Lauren: yeah seriously. josh is adorable in his own way though.
Becky: I love that Miss Geist and Mr. Hall got married at Cher’s house. Or maybe it just LOOKS like Cher’s house?
Lauren: i never thought about that, but it totally does look like cher’s house.
Becky: This movie makes me happy. It’s just cute and colorful.

And they all lived Happily Ever After!

Lauren: *sigh* great choice for our inaugural post
Becky: Agreed.


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