A is for Awesome! The Dorks Discuss “Easy A”

Lauren: And here we go!
Becky: I love how they do the opening credits.
Lauren: I gotta pocket full of sunshine!!!!

Becky: lol. Like they’re integrated into the scene.
Lauren: Yep it’s awesome. I love the music for this movie
Becky: “Of sound mind and average breast size.” LOL
Lauren: Below average breast size!! Lol Haha!! I love the chapters

Becky: Thomas Hayden Church is awesome in this movie. I had a hard time liking him after “George of the Jungle.”
Lauren: I love him! Go hit the books! They don’t hit back!
Becky: I’m so thankful my family isn’t like then when we camp. Patchouli Burgers and Bong hits for dessert.No such thing as a Sexy George.

Lauren: Um!!!! George Clooney!
Becky: lol
Lauren: Her dog is adorable!
Becky: He is. Girls never talked like this in my school.
Lauren: Sexy glade candles…
Becky: And Amanda Bynes gives Christian teens a bad name.
Lauren: Haha!! Yeah girls were way less witty…except us
Becky: Totally.
Lauren: Ah Penn Badgley…cutie
Becky: God bless him, he tries to make Woodchucks cool.
Lauren: Haha!! So true!
Becky: That’s my Favorite Title card.

Lauren: I love that title card too!
Becky: I’m also thankful that only a select few had cell phones when I was in high school, and they could only call people and occasionally play games. Aaaaaaaand I’m dating myself….
Lauren: Haha!! Science-Fiction and refused to go. I love Emma Stone! She’s so witty.
Becky: Oh, Maryann. There’s a thing called respecting other people’s beliefs, which even Christians should adhere to.
Lauren: Right?! I love her parents.
Becky: They’re amazing. And similar to my parents. I love this part. WHO TOLD YOU?!

Lauren: Haha!!! Just what I was thinking!
Becky: I love her early wardrobe in this movie. Appropriately modest.
Lauren: Indeed
Becky: Where was he when I had to read The Scarlet Letter? We just watched a dramatization of it starring the dad from Home Alone. Thankfully we weren’t forced to watch the Demi Moore monstrosity.

Lauren: We never read it.
Becky: That escalated quickly….
Lauren: Sweet! I love it!
Becky: I love this sound track. I used to have it.
Lauren: Nice Anchorman reference, btw…the music is great.
Becky: It’s amazeballs. Used to be my workout jam. And thank you!
Lauren: Malcolm McDowell is a great choice for principal
Becky: He’s a daunting guy without a visible good side.
Lauren: Yep. Oh my God!!!! The illusion is shattered!
Becky: Penn Badgley and Emma Stone have great banter in this.
Lauren: Yeah they do!
Becky: “I worry about the way information circulates in this school…” Me too, Olive. Me too.

Lauren: Yep me too.
Becky: I had that friend, did you? Rhiannon is all talk and she just won’t shut up!
Lauren: Yeah…and pretty self righteous…Spell it with your peas!!! I will accept that challenge!!!
Becky: T…t…t…t… OMG! These two crack me up! Tallywacker. LOL
Lauren: You can see where she got her wit. I love that word!

Becky: They can’t even come up with a good punishment. I relate with not having a good reason to have dating taken away. I got my car taken away once.
Lauren: So true.

Becky: “Where you from, originally?” OMG! I love you, Stanley Tucci!
Lauren: Aw Brandon…he’s adorable.
Becky: I never had detention, but I don’t think they made you clean.
Lauren: Hence the budget cuts lol
Becky: No, Maryann IS just a stuck up Jesus Freak and forgiving Christians won’t associate with her. Gossip girl of the Sweet Valley in the Traveling Pants.
Lauren: Just typing that!!!!!! Great minds.
Becky: I win! A Lady’s Choice and a Gentleman’s Agreement. Love Mrs. Pendergast.
Lauren: There’s a whole jar in the fridge
Becky: “OH happy day, Mama! Now I won’t have to spend my dowry on pills and booze to get me through the long nights!”
Lauren: Kinsey 6 Gay…
Becky: Everything in this movie escalates quickly. It went from a date invite to a sex invite in 20 seconds. Crazy town, California!
Lauren: Totally!
Becky: He’s not wrong. No matter who you are, gay straight, whatever, high school students suck hardcore.
Lauren: Yeah…
Becky: I don’t understand what happens that makes kids think it’s okay to treat people poorly.
Lauren: I love their fake sex scene.
Becky: I didn’t know about any parties like this in my town. John Hughes lied.

Lauren: Lol I didn’t either, but  I wasn’t really invited to any parties in high school
Becky: Me either. Brave girl, letting two people use her room for “hearing that funny thing.” *ahem* I’m protective of my bedroom.
Lauren: Right?!
Becky: Neither of them knows what they’re doing. So awkward.
Lauren: Haha!!! That’s what makes it so funny!

Becky: He’s the only one who appreciates her efforts. The rest are all douchey.
Lauren: Indeed.
Becky: I don’t think all of my classmates were this jerky, either.
Lauren: Such a double standard. Todd’s awesome.
Becky: It really is. No wonder women think all men are pigs. He is. He’s cuter than a monkey with a puppy.
Lauren: Indeed. Judy Blume should have prepared me for that.
Becky: Dyed in the wool homosexual that boy….This present seemed awkwardly inappropriate.
Lauren: Haha!! Right?! So funny! And that is a gigantic vibrator. Like DAMN.
Becky: “Bad Reputation” is quite the apropos song. I’m amazed they didn’t make her go home with her new wardrobe.
Lauren: Totally! And it always reminds me of Freaks and Geeks
Becky: Yes!
Lauren: Love this song!
Becky: Love this song. So inappropriate, though! Great beat, though.
Lauren: Totally.
Becky: Seriously. She’s wearing a corset from Victoria’s Secret without an actual shirt, and they’re not making her go home?! What kind of school is this?!
Lauren: Yeah…though I had girls wear some fairly inappropriate stuff in my school…
Whale tails… *headdesk*
Becky: The only good person there is her English Teacher. Acting responsible.
Lauren: Exactly.
Becky: Oh, we had whale tails. That was an awkward moment in teen fashion history.
Lauren: It really was. That and frosted tips…
Becky: Guy in the green striped shirt looks like a young John Cusack.
Lauren: I can see it!

Becky: I’m never embarassed being a Christian, but these people make me want to duck away and pretend we have different religions. Damn, Penn Badgely’s adorable!
Lauren: He really is. So why does she have an A on her wardrobe? I know it’s a take off on the Scarlet Letter…but A’s for Adultery.
Becky: She’s too nice to poor saps.
Lauren: Yeah she is…
Becky: A is for AWESOME! Remember? lol But seriously, I think she’s just doing solidarity.

Lauren: Hahaha!!! Well played.
Becky: *bows* That movie that’s playing at the Foreign Movie theater is “The Scarlet Letter.”
Lauren: That’s awesome! Loved ’80’s teen movies.
Becky: Every Girl wants John Cusack with a Boom Box and Patrick Dempsey on a Lawn Mower.
Lauren: YES.
Becky: Side note: BBW stopped selling Juniper Breeze in stores before this movie came out.
Lauren: Haha!! So true!!!!! They aren’t all diamonds….hehe!
Becky: “If I read one more paper from one of your classmates on if she’s still married to Ashton Kutcher…” HAHA! Sam and I watched that version for kicks, and we were totally disturbed by it.
Lauren: How hot she looks in the bathtub!! Lol! I have never seen it…what’s so bad about it?! It’s a gateway knife…
Becky: There isn’t time enough in this world to tell you how terrible it is, but the long and short of it is that Demi Moore said that they could change the entire story and message because no one had ever read the book. Except the majority of eleventh grade students in the country! It’s mandatory for a lot of public schools!

Lauren: What?! Blasphemy! Yeah…kind of wish I’d read it…
Becky: Still time. And free on Kindle.
Lauren: Oh man. Lisa Kudrow’s such a bitch in this movie.:
Becky: Here. This is why the movie is so terrible. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0114345/trivia?ref_=tt_trv_trv
She’s no Phoebe Buffay, that’s for sure! “If God had wanted him to graduate.” Good grief, I want to slap her!
Lauren: Lol I think that’s kind of the point…
Becky: I know, but it still kills me. Now, is this the movie that jump started Amanda Bynes trip to Crazytown?
Lauren: Hmmm…good question…*headdesk*
Becky: Cam Gigadet is ridiculous. And melodramatic. Much like in “Twilight.” President of the Americas…
Lauren: Haha!!! Just typing that too!!! Great minds, man.
Becky: Mojo across the states…
Lauren: Truth.

Becky: Irony of Ironies: Everyone in this movie is a bigger slut than Olive.
Lauren: Exactly. Poor girl. The Quizno’s guy is hysterical…
Becky: Not now, Quiznos!
Lauren: Her parents, English teacher, and Todd are the only people who actually care.
Becky: And who aren’t fifty shades of Cray cray.
Lauren: Exactly. Damn. She has the worst luck!
Becky: I feel like in movies, they forget that one of Jesus’ close friends was Mary Magdalene, who was a reformed prostitute.
Lauren: Indeed.
Becky: Movie night at their house looks fun.
Lauren: Right?! Every night at their house looks fun…Too bad he doesn’t turn out to be a gentleman.
Becky: I hate this part. Awkward dinner followed by total prat.
Lauren: Yep…but then Todd comes to the rescue

Becky: Yes, Olive. You’re talking too much!
Lauren: Yep…I really want Red Lobster now.
Becky: I want their cheddar biscuits.
Lauren: Right?!
Becky: Heartbreaking. She should’ve kneed him in the groin.
Lauren: Totally. Man. Rhiannon is NOT a good friend.
Becky: She’s really not. She calls Olive a Bitch at the start of the movie, and even Olive calls her out on it.
Lauren: Awww…her and Todd are the cutest.

Becky: I haven’t overnalyzed it like you’re about to. So right. They’re ultimate soulmates. I think they’ll be happy forever, fictional characters they are.

Lauren: Indeed…Huck Finn..haha! Love it.
Becky: My apologies to Mark Twain.
Lauren: Right?!
Becky: That’s not Phoebe. That’s Ursula. Horrible woman.
Lauren: Indeed. Yep. I want to slap her.
Becky: Poor Mr. Griffith.
Lauren: I KNOW. TMI!!!
Becky: Her parents are characters, but they’re honest and supportive, which is awesome.
Lauren: Exactly.
Becky: They so would’ve expelled her at my school. But this is Iowa. God-fearing corn and pig farmers. LOL
Lauren: Haha!!!
Becky: Incidentally, it occurs to me that my antagonist in my book is totally Rhiannon.
Lauren: Love this scene!!!!!

Becky: Think this Vlog could double as her Scarlet Letter project?
Lauren: Oh totally!!!! She should get extra credit!!!!!
Becky: Everyone in that town is a pervert. Or at least the teenagers and hypocritical ministers.
Lauren: Oh pretty much. Good choice of movie
Becky: Very much so. A lot shorter than I recalled, but still amazing.
Lauren: Absolutely



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