What’s Your Damage?: Greetings from The B*tch Squad

Riffs From The Dork Side

We had the fun idea to do a Mean Girls Three-ture Feature. Join us for day one, where we discuss the ultimate 80’s Mean Girls: Heathers!

**Disclaimer** There might be offensive language.

Lauren: Go! And we have the original Mean Girls…

Becky: Mean Girls is like a G-Rated version of this movie. Red scrunchie.

Lauren: I love Que Sera Sera

Becky: I miss scrunchies.

Lauren: Me too! Though they are making a comeback. Ah the croquet scene

Becky: They didn’t break as much as rubber bands do!

Lauren: Lol True!

Becky: I always think of these three as weird for wearing suits and blazers. I mean it was the 80’s, but still.

Lauren: I like the girl in yellow’s outfit

Becky: Yeah. That’s timeless. The other two, not so much.

Lauren: Lol seriously. What is your damage, Heather?

Becky: Those are some massive shoulder pads.

Lauren: Just what I was thinking…

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